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Quality product for horses

SuperFibra Nature Complement is a pelleted feed with high levels of good quality digestible fibre. It can supplement or replace part of the daily hay ration in adult horses, senior horses and foals older than 6 months. SuperFibra Nature Complement is formulated with certified quality ingredients and is manufactured exclusively in our specialized and drug- free facility in Strathroy, Ontario.

Purina Canada Superfibra Nature Complement
Purina Canada
  • 1Calories/DE
  • 1Low NSC (sugar + starch)
  • 1Hay Replacer
  • 1Super Fibre


Contains a high level of fibre

  • Can substitute up to 50% of daily hay ration.

Allows to decrease the amount of hay or pasture consumed

  • Control the volume intake to prevent “hay bellies”.

Pelleted feed

  • A dust-free feed, which is excellent for horses with respiratory conditions.

Easy to carry (compact product)

  • Ideal for the travelling horse.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Fibre source with consistent energy and protein levels.

Versatile feed

  • Complements various nutrition program very well.

Green color

  • Advantageous to the horse who is used to consuming alfalfa.

Feeding rates

SuperFibra Nature Complement can be fed to all horses 6 months of age and older. A horse should consume a minimum of 1.5 to 3% body weight per day of long stemmed forage (hay/pasture). This product can replace up to 50% of the forage normally fed to an individual horse. A typical feeding rate is 0.5 to 1.5% body weight per day. For example, a 500kg horse receiving a minimum of 1.5% body weight (or 7.5 kg) in forage, can receive up to 0.75% body weight per day (or 3.75kg) of Simplici-T Nature Complement. The daily ration should be fed over a recommended 2 to 3 separate feedings. This high fibre product does not contain added vitamins or minerals, and should be fed along with a Purina complete feed. Feed in conjunction with hay and water. Provide free choice salt.

To optimize the diet

  • Purina recommends analyzing your hay and balancing the ration accordingly.
  • Feed clean and dust free hay in sufficient amount daily. Feeding poor quality hay or feeding inadequate amounts could cause colic and other digestive upsets.
  • Offer source of salt (NaCl) daily as well as plenty of fresh and clean water at all times.
  • Make any feed change gradually over a 7 to 10 days period.
  • Daily ration should be divided into 2 and preferably 3 separate feedings or more.
  • Use a scale to weigh your feed so you know exactly how much your horse is being fed. Do not feed by volume.
  • Purina recommends providing a maximum of 0.5% of body weight of this feed at one time.
  • These recommendations are intended as a guide. They should be adjusted to variables of management, environment and individual needs. Consult your Cargill Equine Consultant if necessary.
  • Follow sound management practices along with optimal preventive veterinary medicine.


Protein12.00 %
Fat2.00 %
Fibre30.00 %


Nutrients Ingredients
FibreDehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Soya Hulls
Protein/Amino Acids
Multi-AttributesWheat shorts
Flavour/BinderPellet Binding Agent

*Ingredients are not in order of their inclusion rate.

New Product

There is a wind of change at Purina. We completely reviewed our product portfolio. This evolution of the Purina product offer also leads us to replace some feed with equivalent or superior products. Our new offer meets and exceeds the expectations of the market for equine nutrition, putting forward health, safety and welfare of horses.

Perhaps this product replaces a product you already knew or used. Please refer to the chart below or to the conversion chart to make sure you give the best feed to your companion.